In Mandarin, Feng Shui literally means, “Wind and Water.” For most of us who are familiar with the Chinese culture, Feng Shui is the ancient art of knowing the best possible way to create space that would bring luck, good health, and prosperity.

There are many ways one could follow the rules. Feng Shui can determine the way something as grandiose as a major city or province is designed or planned. It can also help you rearrange your office layout, to something as personal as your wardrobe or closet!

With the start of this new year, we thought it would be timely to show you, our readers, how Chinese culture can affect the way the Chinese behave, and how they do business.

Here are some interesting Feng Shui tips from Di Barker of Abundance for Life, Living and Interiors, with regard to making your closet conform to Feng Shui standards:

-It’s time to clean up your closet. A cluttered and disorganized wardrobe will attract negative chi, that love to stay in dirty and ugly places.

-Create drawers and shelving to give your closet that organized looked.

-Get rid of your old clothes. This will remove negative energy and offer you a chance to turn this into a contribution to a charity.

-Add flowers and other decorations that can create good energy within your closet.

-Use uniform hangers. Dark colored hangers tend to create the illusion of height to your space.

I hope this email finds you working on your new closet for the new year!

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