When importing goods from China, there are three major steps that are key to effective trading. They are Research and Tender, Sampling and Contract Negotiation and Order and Delivery Management.

The 1st stage for importing goods is the Research and Tender process. This includes finding and certifying applicable suppliers for your products. This step marks the most important area of the system for importing goods. In order to be effective at importing goods, you have to first build from a solid foundation. It can be simple to find manufacturers online, sites like globalsources.com and madeinchina.com can supply you a wealth of manufacturers for the product you want to import. However! The key issue to realise when importing goods directly from associates of such sites is that generally a few emails is not enough to work out the good from the bad. When importing goods some critical questions and procedures need to be taken. In order to ensure your potential manufacture is right for your business, it will require you to do some background checks.

Some areas worthy of investigating include:

- REPUTATION – Ask for testimonials of previous customers.
EXPERIENCE IN EXPORTING – Where have they exported to previously? Are they capable of importing goods into western countries? e.g. Australia, Europe etc.
QUALITY AND WORKERS SKILL – Can they can demonstrate the most complex and high quality merchandise they have produced?
SERVICE ATITUDE – How fast do they reply to your enquiries? What is the quality of their responses like?
FACTORY CAPACITY – Are they to small or huge (e.g Minimum Order Quantities)? Are they be able handle bigger orders as your business expands?
ABILITY TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS – Ensure your potential suppler can clearly understand and follow your instructions and requests.
WILLINGNESS TO COMPLY TO QUALITY STANDARDS- Ensure that the supplier is committed to developing a long term relationship that includes making sure your quality guidelines are delivered whenever you are importing goods from them.

The first stage for importing goods is normally where the most effort is involved. Before you start investing in the sampling or manufacturing process, it is critical that you first manage the risks involved in importing goods by ensuring you have found a supplier that is trustworthy and right for your importing needs.

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